I know, I know, not the best start to the season for weather but be pateint.

We have another 6 months and 3 weeks to go. Lots of time for the river to come down and come down it will. Shown on our river gauge at the bottom of every page on Shropshire Raft Tours we keep a close eye on the level to make sure we are running within the limit that will bring us back upstream by transporting our rafts by electric trolling motor.

If it rains heavily, the river levels increase and we have to close our doors to commercial trips. The most efficient way to run river trips is by transporting our boats on the river. To deflate, roll up and transport back upstream just to inflate again at our start point would take hours but by river much less time.

The river gauge basically flatlines between the months of Mid April to October. There are quick sharp spikes on the river level but as quick as it goes up, it will go down too so our boat trips can carry on down the scenic river Severn in Ironbridge. One of the many things to do in the Severn Gorge area. See you on the river.