Hi folks!

New year upon us ………… 2018 ………. Where does the time go? I hope you are all rested and ready for the final part of winter before Spring is sprung and our thoughts go back to the water ……. and land!

Yes we are evolving, taking into consideration feedback from our customers too. There has been times we have the potential of a walk-in group of 10 wanting a trip on our 25ft rafts but one or two are too hesitant to go so the group declines a trip and walks away from our little green kiosk. This can be frustrating for us as a business and the people who wanted to go on the water.

I do understand the reluctancy of the non-water people who don’t want to go on the river (normally due to a harrowing experience when younger). Our trips are safe with no swimmers recorded commercially. We have mulled over this finding a solution to give everyone what they want. Shropshire Raft Tours with more customers, people who want a scenic float trip and the poor people who want no part of water. The solution comes in two different ways. Our 25ft rafts are so tranquil people can walk along the river to watch their friends and family on their boat trip on the river Severn. The other option is bike hire, yes bike hire. The local council have granted our wishes to provide this service as no-one in Ironbridge does so and hasn’t for quite a while.

It provides people with another activity with the freedom to enjoy following their group downstream following the road along the Severn river or to go further a field on the N55 cycle route down to Bridgnorth and back plus many other routes around the Gorge. Even those people just getting back into cycling, we have the added service of electric bikes to help them through any hills or distance. The maximum speed is 15mph but that sure does help getting from A to B.

So here we go again. 25ft raft scenic floats for all ages with a great tour downstream of Ironbridge, canoe and kayak hire for full day on the river Severn along with our new for hire services of a 10ft mini-raft, Mega SUP (stand up paddle board) and now bicycle hire for regular and electric bikes.

This way you land lubbers can enjoy viewing your friends and family on the river and still getting to participate.

Happy new year folks.