Hi Folks!

Christmas is nearly here so I hope the works do’s are well under way and families are enjoying each other’s company during this festive season. While some of the staff hibernate at this time of year (normally the guides), I am still writing the blogs and making sure the marketing is all in place to make sure we get our fair share of business.

What else can we do to bring new and repeat custom to us? Well variety of choice is one thing people cry out for. Shropshire raft tours started with 2 x 25ft rafts and then onto canoe and kayak hire which people have migrated to with such a positive vibe, I knew as owner we needed to bring more in.

As people receive their Christmas presents for those that are lucky enough, we placed an order with Santa too. 4 Mini-rafts as mentioned in our last blog will bring families together on a stable platform for the water which in itself is appealing. A cooler provided for the trip to enjoy food and a pop along the way just adds to the customer service we provide.

Also new for next year is Mega SUP (stand up paddle boards) for customers who want a bit more of an adventure wearing a helmet, gear they are happy to get wet and a longer version of a paddle to manoeuvre this 17ft SUP board. This incorporates team building (5-8 people per Mega SUP) and good general banter for people on a full day trip from Atcham to Ironbridge.

Both the mini-rafts and Mega SUP boards are not your normal dinghy material showing the same durability of our 25ft rafts. We do that so people feel safe knowing they are hiring quality boats from us.

Anyway, just a short one, Happy holidays and have a great New Year.

Boat Hire