Hello everyone!

We’re into month 2 of the year and that will be closed out soon and onto March and Spring time. The year is going too quickly for me. With that, as we open for our boat trips on the river Severn and the excitement kicks in for our new canoe hire service, things are looking good. Our main goal this year is to tap into the groups market. It’s the age old problem of establishing yourself before they flock to you with their families and friends, schools, youth groups, tour groups, clubs, etc.

Time will tell as group reps will contact us for their free familiarisation trip to see how safe we are and how great the content is on our for the historical tours through Ironbridge gorge.

For the groups who have booked with us already for 2017, THANK YOU. For those who are curious, drop us a line. (01952) 427 150. You will be pleasantly surprised.

See you on the river.

School & Group Trips