Hi Folks!

Is your glass half full? We try to be here at Shropshire Raft Tours and although Easter has been wet and cold, we have seen a gap in the market when it comes to opportunities. You saw over Christmas, we received our 10ft mini-rafts and that has been a great addition in more ways than one.

The mini-rafts sole purpose was to add a full day hire activity for our customers looking for something a bit different. We love our canoes and sit on top kayaks and people have enjoyed them no end paddling from Atcham to Ironbridge but we have found the white water mini-rafts (even though we don’t let people run white water by themselves) has given our paddlers access to higher levels of water due to their stability.

Furthermore, whilst our large 25ft rafts that have been out of service due to being unable to motor them upstream for customers to enjoy, our mini-rafts have served the purpose to run people on our regular floats but include our fun little Jackfield rapids, finishing round the corner at the Half Moon Pub.

So all in all we are still ‘half full’ with expectation of a great season ahead. Come join us on our fun new activities.


Mini Raft Hire